Please email your questions to info@idevelopment.us. We will post answered questions anonymously to ensure all participants have the same access to information and avoid repetitive inquiries.


1. Who can participate?

We encourage all young people across the globe who are interested in this topic to participate. There is no limit on nationalities or fields of study. Do keep in mind that this is an interdisciplinary competition which requires you to submit both graphics and an operational plan. 

2. How do I register? What's the process of the competition?

Registration: Nov. 14th - Jan. 31st, 2017. Through the "REGISTER/SUBMIT" tab on the website.

Submission: Dec. 4th, 2017 - Feb. 1st, 2018. Through the "REGISTER/SUBMIT" tab on the website.

Evaluation: Within 4 weeks after the submission process ends, we will select the 1 overall winner, 2 winning teams and 6 honorable mentions. The 2 winning teams and 1 overall winner will be invited and subsidized to come to New York City, United States and participate in the workshop and symposium.

Symposium:  Early to mid-April, in New York City, United States. One overall winning team will be selected and awarded an extra prize.

3. What are specific requirements?

You can find specific requirements and descriptions in the Competition Brief. It includes topic introduction, requirements, objectives, deliverables, evaluation criteria and guidelines for proposal.

4. How can I form a team?

If you need help finding a team, please post your message on our Facebook page. All individuals looking for a team will be directed there.

5. How do I change team members?

If you would like to add or change the members in your team, please DO NOT register your team again. Instead, email info@idevelopment.us with the subject line as "Team Member Revision" and the details of your team change in the body of the email.

6. Do we need to submit construction details, such as electrical and plumping design?

We highly suggest you to consider construction details, but you are not required to get to the level of very detailed electrical and plumping plans, because you will have to communicate with local workers to know the real situation, and we provide this opportunity after the submission. Thus, submission is just first step, and we will push towards implementation together with other NGOs afterwards. Because you do not have sufficient information right now, you only need to show your awareness and considerations instead of the specific construction plan. However, the more potential for implementation you show, the more likely you are to be chosen. As we stated in the evaluation, we look for feasible plans.

7. What do we need to include in "Team Information Sheet" when we submit?

Everything you were required to answer in the registration form - team member names, contacts, countries, associations, bios. You also should include your team number on the top left corner of the document.